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Fabulous Furs At Caracol Silver

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Winter is coming and we’re following the Game of Thrones’ lead when it comes to bundling up. Thankfully, we have more variety at our fingertips, allowing us to explore the world of fabulous furs.

Each year, we’ve been expanding our options for clothing and outerwear at Caracol Silver. This winter, we’re featuring our Fur Collection of fur-trimmed ponchos, capes and gilets that can be worn for both fashion and function when the temperatures begin to drop.

3 Fur Facts

  1. Fur is an excellent heat source in the colder winter months. It was our ancestors’ natural way of staying warm and surviving the winter, promoting a healthy lifecycle relationship between plants, animals, and humans.
  2. Fur is fashionable and highly versatile. You can wear fur in a fashion-forward way or create a sporty look depending on how you pair it with the rest of your outfit.
  3. Fur is highly durable. While jackets and sweaters may fade, fur will retain the same look over decades and even centuries as long as you care for it properly.

Since we have a variety of customers, we offer both fur and faux fur items, depending on your preference. Check out some of our more recent and popular arrivals, below!

Caracol Fox Trim Scarf and Poncho

Wool scarf with fox fur trim and embroidery details that can be worn as a scarf or a cape and comes in rust, teal, beige, coral, light blue, and navy.

Wool Caplet with Fox Fur Trim

Knitted wool caplet with fox fur trim adding contrasting layers and ideal for travel.

Caracol Faux Fur Gilet

Faux fur gilet is perfect for dressing up your favorite pair of jeans that comes in blue, pink, and cream.

Caracol Silver Mongolian Faux Suede Gilet

Mongolian sheep's wool and faux suede gilet with adjustable ties and central closing clasps that comes in teal, purple, and orange.

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