About Us


Caracol (kar-uh-kol) -a spiral representing our journey from the center or a dressage movement-a half turn to the left or the right

Caracol, established in 1997, brings you the most elegant and stylish collection of jewelry, handbags, hats and apparel.  We choose companies and artisans for their creations based on their quality, their style and their inspiration.

Founded by us, Elizabeth Lowery and Paul R. Miller, Caracol came about after a horseback ride in the Caribbean.  Ready to move back to the States, but not wanting to settle in any one place and loving the idea of seeing the USA, we started our mobile boutique.  We spent the next 10 years full timing in our RV and starting a family. 

Settling in Las Vegas, we began our online store so we could keep in touch with our friends we'd met along our journey.  Today, we still travel around the USA at a variety of equestrian events and fundraisers, bringing satisfaction to our customers who delight in our collections and customer service. 

"I am inspired by my travels and my relationships. When I load up my van and head to a horse show, I gaze on the beauty of our country and from there comes my ideas for photography and design. I love human souls and my business allows me to touch so many people from designers to customers in all parts of the world. I love that connection. Many pieces have been inspired by these relationships and all through my love of adventure." Elizabeth


Caracol represents the woman who dares to write her own style. She knows no boundaries and creates a rich lifestyle. She rides, loves the classics, the outdoors, travel and good conversations. She doesn’t follow the crowd. She likes clothes that are conservatively chic, solid handbags with sensible design and bold jewelry. 

Whether you're looking to shine at the horse barn, your next party or for an inspiring gift, we have got you covered, delivering to your satisfaction.


Create your own account and become a part of our family of friends.  We promise not to disappoint you!

 "Thanks, Elizabeth.  Both pairs of earrings arrived safely and my daughters-in-law loved them both.  Thanks  so much for the care you took with this order. " ~Carol

"It was a hit! Joy really liked the workmanship." ~Brian 

"Gave the necklace to Carol for our anniversary Thursday night.  BIG HIT!!  She loved it!!!  Perfect! Thanks so much for the effort and making me look good!!! ~Chris