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  • Navajo Pearls with Turquoise

    18th Apr 2022

    Navajo Pearls with Turquoise

    Our Navajo Pearls are the among the most sought after necklaces on the internet. These unique handmade sterling silver discs come in many shapes and sizes.  We have many styles including those wi…

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  • Is Leather Jewelry In Style?

    5th Mar 2022

    Is Leather Jewelry In Style?

    When it comes to fashion we are either driven by what we love or what is popular amongst our friends and on our favorite influencers.  Leather jewelry made a big splash in fashion several years a…

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  • Back in Stock

    21st Oct 2021

    Back in Stock

    It happens...There will always be some item we are out of stock on.  And many items are taking longer to have made.  Please forgive us.  Hopefully having these back in stock will make i…

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  • Bracelet Stack of the Week

    20th Oct 2021

    Bracelet Stack of the Week

    Have you seen our newest category?  When you buy any two bracelets from our "Create Your Own Style" Category you get an automatic 10% off.  Here is this week's feature. &…

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  • Our Secure Bangles Clasp Explained

    25th Aug 2021

    Our Secure Bangles Clasp Explained

    Recently we were asked how secure the clasp was on one of our Equestrian Sterling Silver Snaffle Bangle.  Many of the bracelets open giving flexiblility for on and off.  And though they are…

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  • 11 Facts About Celtic Knots

    9th Mar 2021

    11 Facts About Celtic Knots

    11 Facts About Celtic KnotsCeltic knots have been a worldwide favorite design for centuries. Rooted in Irish culture, the primary characteristic of most Celtic knots is no obvious beginning or end.…

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  • Christmas Caracol 2020 Repost

    20th Dec 2020

    Christmas Caracol 2020 Repost

    Equestrians are said to have their own language, their own style, and their own way of celebrating everything with their horses. With the holidays less than a week away, we wanted to get into the eque…

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