2017 Equestrian Fashion Trends

2017 Equestrian Fashion Trends

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 25th Jan 2017

You may have noticed stores moving their winter items to the sale racks and replacing them with new, Spring 2017 items. While we still have a few months of cooler weather left, fashion waits for no one. Caracol adorns our beautiful customers in the latest fashion trends in equestrian inspired style. However, for your time in the saddle, here are some of 2017’s up and coming equestrian fashion trends. Thanks to equestrian style bloggers, Equestrian Lifestyle, Equestrian Stylist, and The Bridled Life, we have a complete list of trends to look for.

2017 Fashion Trends for Riders

Suede Riding Boots & Laces to the Top

Yes, the equestrian world is finally accepting less-than-traditional fashion choices! Unfortunately, you may have to look outside of the U.S. to find these kinds of designs. Equestrian Lifestyle gives us the names of two European-based companies that can make our boot dreams come true. Reiten Leder (UK) and Konings Reitstieffel (GE). 

Helmet Embellishment - Glitter and Rose Gold

Samshield helmets have been making a hit in the show jumping rings and beyond. They take a functional piece of equipment and make it into an accessory embellished with glitter, rose gold, or swarovski crystals. It’s no wonder they made it onto, “The Bridled Life’s” list of trends for 2017. 

Samshield Helmets

Leather Belts

For a while, equestrians toyed around with fabric and rubber belts. However, it always comes back to the equestrian fashion staple of a beautifully made leather belt. Caracol Silver has an array of leather belts to choose from, including scarf belts for when you’re off your horse and out on the town. 

Caracol Crocodile Belts

2017 Fashion Trends for Horses

Lace Ear Bonnets

Seen in the summer months when bugs are at their height of annoyance, ear bonnets have gone from functional to fashionable in 2017. This is another one of those trends coming from Europe and carried by UK brand, Horze.


Matching and Monogramming

It’s back! If you were one of those people who monogrammed their saddle pads and polo wraps, you’ll love this one. Start with matching the colors of your horse’s entire ensemble from ears to legs and everything in-between. Then, monogram anything that you want in order to create that custom feel. 

Designer Wear

You may not be able to buy your horse’s next cooler at Saks Fifth Avenue but you can order it online at U Black, a company that creates luxury wear for horse and rider. U Black ensures quality and bases all of their manufacturing out of Italy. 

U Black