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2017 Summer Concert Fashion

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Are you wondering what to wear to all of the amazing concerts happening at the California Mid-State Fair this weekend?

Today, we’re talking all about concert fashion, what to bring, and how to dress to be both fashionable and prepared for anything.

To get a well-rounded perspective, we consulted with Women’s Health Magazine, In Style Magazine, and Style Caster to determine what the top trends were in summer concert fashion for 2017.

Grunge Meets Boho

First, the “grunge meets boho” look. This look features a maxi dress, vest, leather cord necklace, flat booties, a hat, fringe leather bag, and sunglasses.

What we love about this look is the style and functionality of it. When you’re at a concert, especially on that’s outdoors, you have to consider some conditions, like:

  • Sun
  • Bugs
  • Changing Temps
  • Dirt, mud, and uneven ground

The maxi dress provides a cool look for the daytime that keeps your legs safe from those pesky mosquitos at night. Wearing flats is a must for most concerts, and the booties will protect your toes from being trampled or covered in dirt. The hat is a great fashion statement that also keeps the sun off your face (no wrinkles, yay!) and the sunglasses protect your beautiful eyes.

Some people don’t like bringing larger bags to concerts, but they’re great for storage if you need to add or take away from your outfit throughout the event.

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Girlish Hipster

Second, we have the “girlish hipster” ensemble. To get the look, pair skinny jeans with a strappy or frilly off the shoulder blouse, fashion sandals, a choker, and your favorite shades. The choker and skinny jeans give you that tough girl style, while your shirt and shoes tell everyone you want to be treated like a lady and they better be holding the door for you. Again, you’re getting great day-to-night wear out of this outfit, and you can add some pieces to it for added sun protection.

Coachella Inspired

Third, we have our Coachella inspired festival fashion. Since this is a state fair, we recommended not going the, “bare all” route that many festival goers don and instead, pairing a trendy maxi dress with a pair of fashion sneakers. Yes, fashion sneakers are finally “in, ” and we love it! This is ultimate style meeting ultimate functionality.

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Cross-Body Bag


Styled MBA

Finally, our style MBA gives us wide cropped pants, a fun blouse, and fashion sneakers for a concert look straight from the runway.

With four styles to choose from or even mix-and-match, we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to tag us @caracolsilver so we can see your summer concert style!

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