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3 Timeless Fall Fashion Favorites

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When we look at our calendars and see it’s September, there’s a sudden realization that Fall is almost here. Though some areas of the country are still enjoying the sunny days of summer, others are feeling the cool temperatures roll in, enveloping them in the smells and feelings of Fall in America.

There’s a subtle excitement when the temperature drops and we begin to dig through storage for our warmer clothes. Just pulling out our sweaters, discovering forgotten scarves, and finding our fall boots reminds us of how much we love fall fashion.

In eager anticipation for this new season of style, we’re featuring the three fall fashion staples that should be a part of everyone's closet.

Fall Riding Boots

The better known term is, “fall boots”, but we love the fact that they take after equestrian style. Whether you choose cowboy boots, tall english boots, or shorter paddock boot inspired booties, you’ll be set for the coming Fall fashion season.

Long Necklaces


Sweaters have always been a key part of any Fall outfit because they serve both a practical and stylish purpose. However, the right accessory can put your whole look together, and long necklaces are the way to go. You can add them to both solid and pattern sweaters, use them as character builders to an otherwise plain fall dress, or add a pop of color with precious stones.

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Multi-Use Scarves

We say multi-use scarves because, when it comes to Fall fashion, there’s so much you can do with a single scarf. Capes and ponchos can be folded and worn as a scarf, or opened up for added warmth. You can turn your silk scarves into a belt or add a pattern to spice up your look. Every year, Fall fashion trends beg for scarves and we’re absolutely on board with the whole idea!

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