6 Elements of the Perfect Western Style

6 Elements of the Perfect Western Style

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 3rd Mar 2017

Western fashion can be broken down into three foundational style elements:

The Western Style Basics (with a Caracol Twist)


Cowboy hats are never optional so you want to make sure you have the right style for you. See all of our hats here.

A. A. Callister has provided this great cowboy hat style guide that will be your best friend when choosing what style is right for you.

Guide to choosing the right cowboy hat for you.


Wranglers from C Lazy U Ranch line up facing away for photo of jeans from behind.

C Lazy U guest ranch makes the argument for Wrangler jeans citing their durability with the option of pocket bling for the more fashion forward cowgirls. Regardless of the brand you wear, remember that you have some flexibility in color, fit, and style when you’re wearing jeans for fashion.

The general rule of thumb, lighter jeans are more casual so wear them during the daytime or for more relaxed evenings. Dress up your look with a pair of darker jeans to make that “wow” fashion statement.


It’s less about the belt than it is the buckle. 

Row of Women's Western Belt Buckles.

Buckles gained their fame in Western fashion from being rodeo trophies. You can find buckles of all shapes and sizes as well as a variety of designs and embellishments.

Shirt Style

Caracol Silver model featuring western jewelry and Alpaca cape.

The go-to shirt style for Western fashion has always been the flannel or plaid shirt. It’s traditional, it’s easy, and it’s immediately recognizable. However, you can choose a decorative, fitted t-shirt or plain, thick strap tank and choose a more fashion-forward Western style by adding Western and Native American Jewelry to supplement your look. 


Caracol Silver Fur Ponchos

Jean or leather jackets are traditionally worn among the Western crowd, but recently, fashion has taken a few steps forward and started including ponchos and capes that feature embroidered leather, fur, and fringe accents.



Western boot style guide for toe shape.

We LOVE cowboy boots, but they can be tricky to size properly. Horse Saddle Shop provides a full breakdown of boot styles, elements, and fit in their article, Boot Buying 101. One Country online magazine offers a similar guide but lists the most popular boot brands with their corresponding sizing traits. When shopping for the best fitting boot, it comes down to:

  • Width
  • Length
  • Toe Style

Wondering about crowd-pleasing cowboy boot styles for 2017?

According to a review of the top ten cowboy boots for 2017, Ariat came out as the number one brand. Based on the style of that list alone, 2017 fashion begs for:

  1. Round and Narrow
  2. Square and Narrow

*See boot toe guide above!

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