6 Must-Have Looks for Winter 2016: High Necklines and Long Necklaces

6 Must-Have Looks for Winter 2016: High Necklines and Long Necklaces

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 19th Sep 2016

It is this time of year when we begin to pack away our sundresses and pull our bulky sweaters and well-loved tunics out of storage. The wonderful thing about Fall clothing is that sometimes, all you need to successfully update your fall wardrobe from one year to the next is a new way to accessorize and accent your outfit. 

Caracol’s 2016 Fall/Winter Collection features our brand new line of long necklaces, medallions, and pendants that go perfectly with the high necklines and scarf-covered tunics of warm, winter fashion.

Often times, a new season means that there will be new fashion trends that begin to sweep our nation and pop-up everywhere we look. More often however, we see many of the same styles returning year after year because they simply work too well to be replaced. No matter the season, long necklaces help us dress up simple tops, dresses, and tunics, and give our outfits a style that is all our own. All the same, it seems that long necklaces and bold jewelry stand out the most in the Fall and Winter months.

Featured to the right is Caracol’s Horseshoe Necklaces with a sterling silver chain. We’ve doubled them up to create a chunkier look without having to wear a heavy necklace. 

The French Connection: Mais Oui! 

The necklace featured above is part of our French Medallion Collection. This Agriculture and Tapestry French Medallion was made for the town of Maine in Normandy. The area is known for being dedicated to their livestock and farming. This piece has a circular pendant held on a chain adorned with grey labradorite beads. It hangs just below a square French medallion in the center that represents the beautiful tapestries of Rouen, Normandy. Get the full look with our Eterea Baby Aplaca Poncho that’s designed to be breathable in the warmer, early fall days, but also insulating and warm when the weather becomes colder.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit brighter for a greater contrast to the Eterea Poncho, then you’ll want to want this gold, French-inspired horse medallion that is shown suspended from a long, white, beaded necklace.

A third installment in the collection, and one of the most dazzling, is our French Cheval Medallion affixed to a necklace of Swarovski crystals. It hangs at a length of 17” and was designed by French Kande, right here in the USA. 

Classico: Equestrian Through and Through

Just as long necklaces are a fashion trend that’s here to stay, so is the look of classic, equestrian fashion. It’s a simple yet bold necklace, with our Grande English Riding Stirrup Pendant swaying at the end of a leather cord. The sterling silver pendant is featured with leather, but you can change the feel of this piece of jewelry by simply swapping the leather for a chain and really making that runway statement. It’s featured along with Caracol’s chic Goatskin Fringed Shawl and our convertible Sara Italian Leather Handbag

If bold isn’t your style, and you’re looking for something subtle, that still has the equestrian-inspired look, then this long Snaffle Horse Bit Necklace is your perfect match. We’ve featured it with a pair of our Sterling Silver Snaffle Bit Earrings for that perfect equestrian combination. 

Stay tuned for more of Caracol's new Fall Arrivals and be sure to stop by our booth during, "Dressage at Devon", September 27 - October 2!