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  • 23rd Mar 2018

    Horses on Easter Island

    Do you have a bucket list? I do! And Easter Island is one of those places I’ve wanted to go since I learned about it in my Tourism Geography class in college. (A little unknown fact: I majored…

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  • New Year, New Navajo Accessories

    9th Jan 2018

    New Year, New Navajo Accessories

    Regardless of whether or not 2017 was a good year for you, it always feels good to try something new and different in the New Year. Exercising may be the most popular New Year's Resolution but what ab…

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  • Caracol Holiday Gift Sets for Her

    29th Nov 2017

    Caracol Holiday Gift Sets for Her

    Sometimes, one gift just doesn't seem like enough when someone is such an important part of your life. That's why we've put together some fashionable gift sets for every equestrian-inspired woman.&nbs…

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  • Fabulous Furs At Caracol Silver

    13th Nov 2017

    Fabulous Furs At Caracol Silver

    Winter is coming and we’re following the Game of Thrones’ lead when it comes to bundling up. Thankfully, we have more variety at our fingertips, allowing us to explore the world of fabulous furs.Each…

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  • How To Care For Your Lavish Leathers

    24th Oct 2017

    How To Care For Your Lavish Leathers

    As equestrians, we all have access to a variety of leather cleaners and saddle soaps that we use on our tack and paddock boots. However, these cleaners may be much stronger than what we need for ou…

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  • Calling All Dressage Explorers

    19th Sep 2017

    Calling All Dressage Explorers

    As riders, we’re used to people looking at us with blank stares when we begin discussing equitation, hunters, and especially dressage.This year, Dressage at Devon is taking a different approach to edu…

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  • 3 Timeless Fall Fashion Favorites

    7th Sep 2017

    3 Timeless Fall Fashion Favorites

    When we look at our calendars and see it’s September, there’s a sudden realization that Fall is almost here. Though some areas of the country are still enjoying the sunny days of summer, others are fe…

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  • The Runways Have It

    26th Aug 2017

    The Runways Have It

    Every year, Caracol looks to the runways to see what the world’s high fashion icons see as emerging trends in the coming season. While we embrace our own style year-round, we love to see how we can…

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  • Menlo Brings The Fashion

    14th Aug 2017

    Menlo Brings The Fashion

    After wrapping up at the Menlo Charity Horse Show, we’ve finally had the chance to sit back and be amazed at how fashionable equestrian lovers can be. The show itself was incredible, from Kris…

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  • Back to School Fashion

    4th Aug 2017

    Back to School Fashion

    Back to school means something different for everyone. For some, it’s time to show off your new look and sun kissed tans. Others may be debuting new wardrobe or accessory additions and some see back t…

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  • 2017 Summer Concert Fashion

    21st Jul 2017

    2017 Summer Concert Fashion

    Are you wondering what to wear to all of the amazing concerts happening at the California Mid-State Fair this weekend?Today, we’re talking all about concert fashion, what to bring, and how to dress to…

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