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  • 3 Timeless Fall Fashion Favorites

    8th Sep 2017

    3 Timeless Fall Fashion Favorites

    When we look at our calendars and see it’s September, there’s a sudden realization that Fall is almost here. Though some areas of the country are still enjoying the sunny days of summer, others are fe…

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  • The Runways Have It

    26th Aug 2017

    The Runways Have It

    Every year, Caracol looks to the runways to see what the world’s high fashion icons see as emerging trends in the coming season. While we embrace our own style year-round, we love to see how we can…

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  • Menlo Brings The Fashion

    15th Aug 2017

    Menlo Brings The Fashion

    After wrapping up at the Menlo Charity Horse Show, we’ve finally had the chance to sit back and be amazed at how fashionable equestrian lovers can be. The show itself was incredible, from Kris…

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  • Back to School Fashion

    4th Aug 2017

    Back to School Fashion

    Back to school means something different for everyone. For some, it’s time to show off your new look and sun kissed tans. Others may be debuting new wardrobe or accessory additions and some see back t…

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  • 2017 Summer Concert Fashion

    21st Jul 2017

    2017 Summer Concert Fashion

    Are you wondering what to wear to all of the amazing concerts happening at the California Mid-State Fair this weekend?Today, we’re talking all about concert fashion, what to bring, and how to dress to…

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  • Wear Your Positivity

    17th Jul 2017

    Wear Your Positivity

    She exhales as she sinks into the saddle. In the moment, she is still; her legs rest against the rise and fall of her horse's sides. As she picks up the reins, she finds a soft feel of her horse's mou…

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  • Summer Looks for Every Woman

    8th Jul 2017

    Summer Looks for Every Woman

    With summer in full swing, every weekend brings a new outing and event. Whether you’re heading to a cookout, enjoying a summer festival, or just being your fabulous self, we’ve got you covered. Many o…

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  • Arabian Nights and Arabian Days

    27th Jun 2017

    Arabian Nights and Arabian Days

    This week in Lexington, Kentucky, the most prestigious Arabian horse show in America will take place to determine the champions of region fourteen. Riders will come from Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virgi…

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  • Dad's The Only Tennessee

    15th Jun 2017

    Dad's The Only Tennessee

    The Caracol Silver team is celebrating Father’s Day weekend at the Chattanooga Cleveland Charity Horse Show in Cleveland, Tennessee! Let us know you’re here! RSVP Horses have long b…

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  • 3 Summer Trends for Equestrian Fashion

    5th Jun 2017

    3 Summer Trends for Equestrian Fashion

    After a whirlwind couple of weeks at the Devon Horse Show, we’ve picked up on some of the biggest trends in equestrian fashion. One of the more exciting aspects of each trend is that they’re finall…

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  • The Devon Experience

    24th May 2017

    The Devon Experience

    The Devon Country Fair is responsible for raising over $14,000,000 in support of Bryn Mawr Hospital. Both the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair have contributed to a number of earmarked…

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