Ashley Michaelsen is The Maven of Fashion Beauty and Bulls

Ashley Michaelsen is The Maven of Fashion Beauty and Bulls

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 17th Mar 2017

Ashley Michaelsen rocked Instagram featuring Caracol Silver Navajo Pearls as part of her leather and faux-fur ensemble. Her everyday style manages to blend toughness with a feminine appeal and we love to browse her blog or Instagram accounts to get new ideas on the latest Ashley Michaelsen inspired fashion trends.

Ashley Michaelsen models Caracol Silver Navajo Pearls with Wrangler vest and skinny pants in Kansas

Get her look! Featured in the image above:

But who is Ashley Michaelsen?

If you recognize her, it could be from a number of places. She’s an actress, producer, model, and designer who has brought all four talents together to create her own PR firm, Ashley Michaelsen PR.

The Actress

Ashley has starred in TV shows including:

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • What Would You Do
  • As the World Turns

More recently however, her repertoire has included feature films such as:

  • Damn Foreigners (2015)
  • American Wrestler: The Wizard (2016) - Co-Producer
  • The Dog Lover (2016) - Wardrobe/Style

The Model

As a model, Ashley has been photographed for a variety of styles and audiences. However, her love for western style is what brought us together. Ashley has been featured with:

  • PBR - Professional Bull Riding (US Tour)
  • Monster Energy (US Tour)
  • V Magazine
  • The Daily Magazine
  • Maxim Magazine
  • Marie Claire
  • Seventeen Magazine
  • Health & Beauty Magazine

The Entrepreneur

Ashley Michaelsen On PBR US Tour

To be beautiful and talented on the outside is one thing but this woman is the total package. We are so excited to work with her as we grow Caracol Silver to the the ultimate equestrian inspired jewelry jewelry and accessories collection. Ashley has a gift for putting things together in just the right ways and pushing the boundaries of fashion to create looks that are all their own. At only 20-years-old Ashley created her first clothing line and now sells to both national retailers and boutique stores. Her propensity towards western style and forward fashion is evident on her fashion blog, Fashion Beauty and Bulls by Ashley Michaelsen.

As part of her PR company, she brings all facets of herself under one roof to enhance the creative marketing and advertising efforts of a variety of organizations. Her boutique agency specializes in the creative side of strategy including Fashion Week events across NYC, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. 

We love seeing our Caracol jewelry on this powerhouse woman and we're excited for what the future holds. 

Let us know your favorite Ashley Michaelsen looks! @caracolsilver@ashley.michaelsen and use #caracolfashion