Back in Stock

Back in Stock

Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 21st Oct 2021

It happens...There will always be some item we are out of stock on.  And many items are taking longer to have made.  Please forgive us.  Hopefully having these back in stock will make it easier.

Horse Bit Bangle

I love this bit bracelet because it is a Full Cheek Horse Bit.  It is a solid silver and the weight feels good on the wrist.  It comes in one size. 

Fashionalbly Large Oxidized Hinged Bracelet

Sometimes your personal style just needs to shout with joy. This is one of those moments. Bold and audacious, this design is almost reminiscent of medieval armor, in the best way possible.

Shakespeare Cuff

"This above all: To thine own self be true..." Shakespeare, in all his wisdom, evoked great quotes. This Hamlet play quote is stamped on a sterling silver cuff to remind us that in improving ourselves, all things improve.

Four Row Navajo Pearl Cuff

Existing somewhere between avant-garde and punk, this handmade cuff is very striking. At two inches in width, it makes an impressive statement in sterling silver.

Sapphire Onyx Horse Head Bangle

This stunningly realistic horse bangle looks like it's ready to give you a friendly nicker. Crafted from sterling silver and accented with sapphire and onyx, this piece has well balanced design. Hinged for easy opening, we love the texture in this little guys' mane.