Caracol Rider Feature: Laine Ashker

Caracol Rider Feature: Laine Ashker

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 18th Apr 2017

There’s a lot to love about Laine Ashker. She has realized her passion for horses since she was a young girl, and continues to pursue it to the highest levels of sport. Before the age of 13, Laine had become a member of the US Pony Club, achieving C1 rating and competing through training level as an eventer. After moving from California to Virginia to further pursue her training, Laine represented the US at the Junior Olympics, earning two silver and three bronze medals. She currently competes in FEI dressage and at the **** level in eventing. It’s important to note that Laine is a multi-dimensional woman with strengths in business, training, and a heart of gold for thoroughbreds looking for another take on life.

A Woman In Business

Laine Ashker has always pursued equestrian competition in both dressage and eventing, but school didn’t take a backseat to horses. As a business student, Laine co-founded a company called Brushfire Media Group, where she acted as its director of social media. Today, her focus is on her training program based in Chesterfield, Virginia working with horses in training, sale horses, and leading clinics for groups looking to learn from Laine’s extensive experience.

Giving Thoroughbreds A Second Chance

There has been a lot of buzz around OTTB (off the track thoroughbreds) and re-training them to be jumpers, hunters, eventers, and dressage horses. Laine competed in the 2007 Hong Kong test event on her horse, Anthony Patch, an OTTB the she purchased as a four-year-old while in college. This seems to have started a trend and new passion for Laine. She has since purchased and trained three thoroughbreds with short racing careers and has brought them up to the **** level.

Re-training and working with thoroughbreds is extremely rewarding but is not for everyone. As racehorses, they are bred to be hot (energetic), fast, and reactive. They require time, consistency, patience, and lots of care to get them on a new track for competition in different disciplines. If you love this cause but aren’t up to re-training a thoroughbred, Laine Ashker is an ambassador for both the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and the Retired Racehorse Project. Organizations like these are a great way to get involved and help thoroughbreds find a new career after their racing days are up.

Teaming Up With A Man To Admire

Buck Davidson has been Laine’s coach over the years as well as an active contributor to The Chronicle of the Horse and USEA. In his career, Buck has achieved top rankings in the US, competed in the Pan-American Games and the World Equestrian Games, was chosen as an Olympic Alternate, and has achieved top ribbons at Rolex. Since Laine Ashker trains all of her own horses, Buck is there to help her along the way, especially at competitions, and support her as not only a coach, but a nearly lifelong friend.

We also love Buck for his love of dogs. He sits on the board of FlyPups, an organization that rescues dogs from kill shelters and bad situations and flies them to a safe place for them to find a forever home. The organization works with no-kill shelters, foster homes willing to take in dogs for short periods of time, and even adoption families waiting to give the pups a new, permanent life.

Laine Ashker's Available Sale Horses

Sparrow - 11 year-old Welsh Pony

Dromolin - 13 year-old Irish Sport Horse

See Laine In Action 

Join the Caracol team next week at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event! We'll have all of Caracol's New Arrivals available to try on and browse through and you can't beat the level of equestrian talent on display at this event.