Celebrating Nature and Fashion in Charleston

Celebrating Nature and Fashion in Charleston

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 17th Feb 2017

SouthEast Wildlife Expo

Every day we are surrounded by the beauty of our natural world. Earth is the only planet of its kind, and we celebrate and support its continued existence. Using precious gemstones and inspiration from the environment, Caracol works to preserve and honor the natural environment we call home.

The SouthEast Wildlife Expo

The SouthEast Wildlife Expo brings artists from around the nation to Charleston, South Carolina for, “a three-day celebration of wildlife and nature through fine art, conservation education, sporting demonstrations, food, drink, and the people who honor them all.”

Exhibiting at the Gaillard Center, Caracol will be featuring our newest arrivals in leather bags and backpacks.

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Caracol Leather Fashion

On the runway for spring/summer 2017 fashion trends, florals made a statement in a big way. Embossing leather with floral patterns gives this style life without it becoming too ostentatious.

Animal furs are another runway style that Caracol features in our spring collection this year. Whether it’s the focus of the design or subtle accents, you have your choice.

Finally, backpacks continue making their statement on and off the runway. If you have a tendency to pack your bag to the brim, backpacks are a fashionable alternative that will help save your spine and add some practical style to your wardrobe.

Wildlife Educational Events 

This Expo also provides educational resources for children and adults to learn about nature, animals, and the greater environment. During SEWE there will be educational events at The Center for Birds of Prey, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, and with Jeff Corwin who is best known for producing Ocean Mysteries on ABC.

Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin - Trailer from Marc Wiltshire on Vimeo.