Competition Ready Jewelry: The Earrings Edition

26th May 2015

When you’re competing in a horse show, there’s not a lot of time in the day for your focus to be on anything but your riding, your horse, and the competition. However, many of us still like to have a little flare to our show attire so we wanted to pick out some jewelry for our show riders that won’t get in the way of hairnets, gloves, or collars!

Horseshoe Earrings by Mars and Valentine

Mars and Valentine Oxidized Horseshoe – White Topaz – Pearl Earrings

Mars and Valentine Nautical Earrings

Mars and Valentine Seashell – Anchor – Pearl Earrings

Horse Clip Earrings

Mars and Valentine Blue Topaz – Pearl Horse Earrings

Each of these are elegant pieces that add a touch of class and sophistication to your show look without standing out or causing any fuss when it comes time to take that hairnet off.