Conversations With Customers: An Interview with Connie

Conversations With Customers: An Interview with Connie

Published by Caracol By Elizabeth Paul on 6th May 2020

Conversations with Customers: An Interview with Connie

Customer Since: 2010

Connie is an equestrian mom - AKA horseshow mom.

She didn’t grow-up riding horses, but like many young girls, Connie wanted a horse of her own. However, her parents wouldn’t allow it, so she had to borrow her cousin’s horses for trail rides! It wasn’t until she lived across the street from a breeding farm that she became fully immersed in the competitive equestrian world with her daughter. Although once a horseshow mom, always a horseshow mom, Connie now spends time as an Insurance Agent with State Farm and attending her favorite horseshows. Connie is more than just a friend. She is Caracol family.

Name: Connie Bozovich

Location: Cochranville, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Insurance Agent at State Farm

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Who bought you your first horse?

I didn’t grow up owning a horse. When my daughter, Bianca Lupo, was around 5 years old, we lived across the street from a thoroughbred breeding farm. The owner’s daughter was just starting lessons and shows. She knocked on my door one day and asked, "Can your daughter come over a ride in a lead line class? I need three entries to run the class.”

And that is the day it all began!

What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge as an equestrian mom was only being a two-person team. She rode, I groomed, we both did stalls, got hay, and shipped horses. We did it all ourselves.

What is your funniest/worst/most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment was when she was 15 and she was riding at locals at Devon with her $250 OTTB. There were about 36 in the class. We were all there with video cameras running and my friend said, “she looks great, but with all those warmbloods, it's so hard to pin.” So, they all lined up and the ribbons were announced. They kept calling a number for 5th place. Finally, she realized it was her number!

LOL - I had no idea what her number was!

I will also never forget the memory of my daughter riding in the Devon Oval. During a practice ride she said, "Mom! Look! I'm riding with McLain Ward!" Now where else can you ride with an Olympic rider as a 12-year-old? She was so excited!

What is your favorite horseshow?

My favorite Horse show is Devon! I love all the classes. It runs for ten days - shopping, food, the Clydesdale Bar. I volunteer at the show as well. It takes place during my birthday, so I treat myself to shopping. I drop a bundle at the Devon shops - mostly because of too much wine and because it's my birthday! I love the vendors - like Caracol. I get my annual piece of jewelry, purse, or a vest. I get myself the best gifts!

The best part of Devon is seeing Elizabeth & Paul. It is great to see such great people and I genuinely enjoy their company. I wish I could see them more often! I love our annual wine times together - well Paul watching the shop while Elizabeth and I enjoy the wine!

What horse event have you not attended that is on your bucket list?

My horse show bucket list would have to be World Cup Finals.

What is your favorite beverage?

At my age, I would have to say I've become fond of most red wines. My favorite is probably Cabernet Sauvignon.

What is your favorite breed of dog?

I love most dog breeds, but I had a silky terrier named Snickers for 13 years and she was my favorite!

What is your favorite Caracol piece?

My favorite Caracol piece is my Gold & Silver Half Snaffle Bangle. I wear it all the time!