Conversations With Customers

Conversations With Customers

Published by Caracol By Elizabeth Paul on 16th Apr 2020

Conversations with Customers: An Interview with Gretchen

GretchenOur customers are family.

Whether we see you annually at a horseshow, communicate only through social media comments or you just make a few purchases a year on our website – you break the barrier between business and consumer and become family.

Not the family that argues at the holiday dinner table, but a chosen family that laughs, cries, adapts, changes, and flourishes together. We share the love and understand the pain. We celebrate each other’s successes, mourn losses, and follow all of life’s little adventures in between – sometimes without ever meeting in person!

It is because of these bonds and relationships, that we can choose a collection of accessories and apparel that make you – and ourselves – feel something when you wear it. Rarely purchased as just a piece of jewelry, we have learned that our customers purchase from the heart. The more we learn about you, the more we flourish as people and as a business.

We love hearing your stories and being a part of your life. So, what better way to strengthen the Caracol family than by introducing our family to each other? This is the first of many blogs that will introduce a member of our family to you and who knows, maybe we will share your story next time!

Gretchen: Customer Since 2010

Gretchen grew up riding horses and competed as a hunter jumper. While she doesn’t currently own horses, she does own an equine-related business, along with balances it with a fulltime job, being a single mother, caring for two dogs, and attending her favorite horseshows. Gretchen is an important member of the Caracol family. She even has a piece of namesake jewelry!

Equine Massage By Gretchen

Name: Gretchen Davis Swenson

Location: Chester, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Equine Massage Therapist


Social Media: @equinemassagebyg

Business Reach: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland. and New Jersey 

Who bought you your first horse?

My parents bought me a pony for my 5th birthday.

How many years did you compete?

About 25 years.

What competitions did you regular compete in?

Devon, Washington, Harrisburg, Upperville, Loudon, Middleburg.

I really loved the Virginia shows, beautiful horse country, but Devon would have to be my favorite.

What competitions do you enjoy going to now as a spectator?

Some of my favorites are the Kentucky Derby, Devon Horse Show, Willowdale Steeplechase and Plantation Fields Three-Day Event.

What is your funniest/worst/most memorable moment?

Most memorable would be showing at Devon on my 12th birthday and winning two of my classes.

What horse event have you not attended that is on your bucket list?

Royal Ascot

If you could go anywhere on a riding adventure, where would you go?


What’s your favorite beverage?


What do you love most about being an equine massage therapist?

It is very rewarding to see the difference in the horse after I have worked on it. Helping them is a wonderful feeling! I also love receiving feedback from the owner telling me how wonderful their horse feels.

What breed of horses do you work on?

I work on all breeds, every size, age and sex.

What is your favorite Caracol piece?

I would have to say the Grande Bit Bracelet, the first piece I purchased from Caracol. It is my statement piece and I wear it almost every day! Also, a little partial to the Gretchie!

*We named The Gretchie Lariat Style Stirrup Necklace for her!

What have you got your eye on for your next purchase?

I LOVE the French Bit Necklace - stunning!