Devon Horse Show Here We Come

Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 15th May 2014

This year you will find us at some of the most prestigious and oldest horse shows in the country.  We will begin with the Devon Horse Show that starts May 22 and runs until June 1.  Then we are off to Upperville Colt and Horse Show in Virginia running June 2-8.  Both these shows have the USEF Heritage Competition Award, an award bestowed on horse show competitions that have not only been established for a long time, but that contribute to the development of the sport. 

Because of the length of our stay out east we have decided to travel across country in our Motor-home. Traveling this way is not with out it's challenges, but the scenery is amazing!  Trains are such a part of the travel and in the west as they glide through the Mesas, I am always in awe.