Dressage Trivia

23rd Sep 2015

Dressage Trivia

Learn the Basics of Dressage 

Q: Where did dressage come from?

A: Since dressage began with training horses, you could argue that it all started with the ancient Greeks. However, the argument has been made that the Renaissance was actually what sparked dressage as we know it today. Of course it grew from there with a rich history intertwined with much of our world’s militant, political, and social history. [1]

Q: What are the different competition levels?

A: Each level of dressage builds on the one before – working towards perfect harmony between horse and rider. [2]

Training First Second Third Fourth International
Natural paces, obedient, calm, relaxed (Add) lengthening in stride, 10-15 meter circles (Add) Collection at trot/canter, counter-canter, rein back, 180 degrees pirouette (Add) no tension, walking 180 degree pirouettes, flying lead changes (Add) perfect harmony, 180 and 360 degree pirouettes in canter, counter-canter, and fly changes every fourth stride Organized by FEI. Divisions include: Prix St-Georges, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Grand Prix (highly advanced). Add – Grand Prix Special (longer) and Grand Prix Freestyle

Q: Do the dressage tests always stay the same?

A: No, the tests are revised every four years.[1]

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