​Grab the Bit and Let’s Go!

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 28th Jun 2015

It’s no secret that anyone who knows fashion, knows what a horse bit looks like. From Gucci to Coach, Ralph Lauren and more, designers from around the world have always appreciated the elegance and class of the equestrian sport. Sometimes, people tend to go over-board and shout, “I love horses and all things equestrian!” However, for those of us who prefer a more subtle equestrian-chic look, Caracol’s new bridle bit leather bracelet is the perfect thing. With colors to match any outfit it’s the perfect size for a casual day at the barn or an elegant evening out. With a soft leather band holding part of a silver plate or gold snaffle bit, this bracelet makes for the perfect gift to give to someone or even to treat yourself with.

Horse Bit Jewelry with Leather

One of the things that we love about the horse bit, especially the snaffle, is that it’s a cross-disciplinary bit. Regardless of what style of riding you do, you’ll know a snaffle when you see one. It’s a simple bit with a single rein that assists in allowing horse and rider to communicate and work together. Many times when young horses are started, a snaffle is used, and when we wear our snaffle bit bracelet, we remember our horse’s roots, how they began their training, and how the soft yet effective bit has helped us, as riders, achieve greatness with our horses.