How Horse Show Moms Amaze Us Everyday

How Horse Show Moms Amaze Us Everyday

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 9th May 2017

The Horse Show Mom Will Always Be

The Horse Show Mom

The Classic Horse Show Mom

The alarm clock begins to ring before dawn can even be a suggestion in the night sky. As Sarah moves to hit snooze, her bedroom door opens and her dog is lifted onto the bed to wake her for the day. As Sarah’s eyes become unglued and her vision returns to focus, she sees her mom, fully dressed, opening the window blinds and urging her to get dressed so they can get the horses on the trailer in time for their 4:30 AM departure.

It’s a horse show day, and Sarah’s mom is on duty. She makes sure that Sarah eats a full breakfast and remembers to put all of her show equipment in the truck for her first day competing in Children’s Hunters.

The Horse Showing Mom

Christine groans as her phone sings her out of sleep. As she begins to dress and ready herself for the day, she creates a mental list of what she’ll need. After assembling her things, Christine arranges her show coat and tall boots in the car, along with her daughter, Laura’s, activity bag and riding clothes. Once she has her things organized, she heads inside to wake Laura and get her settled in her carseat so she can make her 6:00 AM schooling at the farm before heading over to the show grounds for her classes later in the day.

The Lesson Mom

At age nine, Katherine begged her mom, Nicole, to allow her to take riding lessons. Instead of just paying for Katherine’s lessons, Nicole decided that she would participate so she could spend more time with her daughter. Every Saturday, the mother-daughter duo head to the barn to lesson together before grabbing lunch at their favorite local restaurant.

Moms Make The Difference

Rodeo Mom Gives a Leg-Up

Regardless of your age, horse show moms will always make a difference. Whether they are there to help support you emotionally, financially, or physically, having your mom with you at a horse show makes the experience whole. This article is meant to honor every kind of horse show mom. These women are a very special breed of moms, many times taking on multiple kids as their own, depending on who needs what at any given moment.

Our Request To You

With Mother’s Day swiftly approaching, we’re asking that you share your favorite horse show mom stories - whether you are a horse show mom, have a horse show mom, or have witnessed the wonder of what a horse show mom can do. 

Comment with your stories below so everyone else can read them as well! 

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