Introducing The Gretchie

Introducing The Gretchie

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 27th Jun 2016

Meet Gretchen

It’s wonderful to travel to many of the same shows, year after year, and build real friendships with the people we meet. 

Gretchen has been a friend, and customer of ours, for the past eight years. She visits us every Spring for the Devon Horse Show to chat, hang out, and add on to her Caracol jewelry collection. This year, she said that she really had had enough of the bit-styled jewelry and was looking for something else; like a stirrup. 

Though we didn’t have anything at the time, we decided to put our heads together and design Gretchen a new piece of Caracol jewelry, using stirrups instead of bits. 

Within the week, we had completed the design and received Gretchen’s stamp of approval. Since she was the inspiration for the piece, we named it, “The Gretchie”, after Gretchen, of course!

The Gretchie

Much to our delight, the sterling silver, lariat-styled, stirrup necklace flew out of our booth and, within days, we were completely sold out at Devon. 

Our newest, most popular Caracol design is still available to order online and we will be sure to have more in-stock for the upcoming California Mid-State Fair!