Is Leather Jewelry In Style?

Is Leather Jewelry In Style?

Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 5th Mar 2022

When it comes to fashion we are either driven by what we love or what is popular amongst our friends and on our favorite influencers.  Leather jewelry made a big splash in fashion several years ago.  It is still in style because many love the look and feel of leather.  We carry a line, CXC that is everyday jewelry you don't see every day. 

Our CXC line is very avant-garde, meaning it is artsy and unusual.  The line is made in Spain by Concha Diaz Del Rio, an interior designer first and jewelry maven second.  She favors experimental or unusual ideas.  

Mixing fine Spanish leather with bold metal designs is inspired by her love of horses.  The leather is thick and sturdy.  Metal is a combination of alloys and precious metals like silver or gold. This combination of materials allows for heavier designs.  It also means less maintenance. 

Can leather jewelry get wet?  Most certainly, just like all your leather it will not harm it but may cause discoloration and cracking so we wouldn't make a habit of it.  We suggest after it dries to condition with a good leather conditioner.   A good conditioner in your tack box will work.  

Concha stayed busy during COVID creating some new designs we have added to our leather jewelry collection.  Each are influenced by the horse but not always obvious to many.  I like to think of her as Hermes or Gucci or even Ralph Lauren on steroids. 

Click on each photo for more details or see all our CXC jewelry including earrings and necklaces.