My Fondest Horse Show Memories as a Mom

My Fondest Horse Show Memories as a Mom

Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 6th May 2019

Caracol has been in the horse show world for 20 years.  During that time our only son was born.  

We spent many a holiday at horse shows. We always had a blast on these days.  Hiding eggs around the show grounds, was the most fun, because all the vendors would get into it.  

Adrian created great friends on this circuit.  Some are now A class riders, making their name known in the horse world. 

If I had to say which horse show was the most fun as a family, it would be our time at the famous, Pebble Beach Horse Show.  We spent 8 summers at this month long event that started with the Pebble Beach Dressage and then three weeks of jumping. We'd set up our camper just blocks away from the famous 7th hole.  Adrian hung in a pack and spent his days riding his bike, camping under the stars, eating s'mores, seal watching, boogie boarding and watching the fireworks in July over Monterey Bay.

I will never forget when Adrian and Ben Ebling rolled out of the cornfield and into the dressage ring while a guy was doing his test, during DG Bar!   We ended up paying for the guys entry fees. Or when he and Ian McFarlane would hang in a pack riding all over Pebble Beach.  Or the great friends he made while at the Devon Horse Show. 

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