Navajo Pearls with Turquoise

Navajo Pearls with Turquoise

Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 18th Apr 2022

Our Navajo Pearls are the among the most sought after necklaces on the internet. These unique handmade sterling silver discs come in many shapes and sizes.  We have many styles including those with or without turquoise.  We even make our own style of Navajo Pearls that include silver and copper.  Traditionally they are worn in layers.  

Navajo Pearls Bullet and disc

Caracol Navajo Pearl Style Necklace 

Navajo Pearls with Turquoise

Silver and Turquoise Southwestern Navajo Necklace

The Large Sterling Silver Designs are named bullets. 

Bullets come in many different sizes.

Southwestern Native American Made Navajo Pearl with Turquoise Necklacet

The Silver Bead is called a disc.