21st Feb 2020

Springtime is just around the corner, which means soon we will swap-out the heavy winter clothes for warmer weather fashions. While we pride ourselves in having an equestrian-based style collection that can be worn year-round, every seasonal change brings about new styles in the world of fashion and accessories. Luckily, we have pieces that match the new trends for Spring 2020.

Trend: Brighten Up

Silver and gold are not the standard for Spring this year. Opt to were accessories with bright colors, mismatched tones, and stunning gemstones to match the blooming Springtime flowers. You can combine your equestrian or western lifestyle with this colorful trend by accessorizing with our Italian Mosaic Horseshoe Necklace, Sterling Silver Horseshoe Pendant, or any one of our colorful Sterling Silver Authentic Stone Rings. The bright colors paired with your favorite silver or gold items will be a match made in fashion heaven.

Trend: Jumping Through Hoops

Hoops are the perfect earring for business, casual, or a special event. You will make a larger-than-life statement sporting the XXL-sized hoops seen on the pages in current fashion magazines – or take a more subtle approach within the Springtime hoop trend by wearing our Horseshoe Equestrian Earrings, the Hoop Earrings with Horseshoes, or even the Snaffle Bit earrings.

Trend: Chain, Chain, Chain

Chain link necklaces are to be worn with everything from your business suit to your colorful Spring dresses to your favorite jeans and t-shirt. These chains are meant to make a statement, so the bigger the link of the longer the necklace – the better! If this is your preferred trans of the season, show-off with our Modern Tie Chain Necklace, Cadena Curb Chain Leather Bracelet, or the Anchor Necklace and Bracelet Set.

Trend: Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Always timeless and classy, pearls are making a strong comeback this Spring - and we don’t mean just a single strand like your grandmother used to wear! Colored, layered, and mixed with metals are the upcoming trends. Not sure if this trend fits with a day in the barn or a long horseback ride? Think again! You can do the layered look with our Navajo Pearls, throwback with the White Horse Vintage Bracelet, or mix it up with our Leather and Pearl Choker.

Trend: Artful Ears

From geometric shapes to dangling chandeliers, earrings that have a creative presence are all the rage. Make an artistic statement in our Squash Blossom Earrings, Stirrup Earring with Dangle Pearl, or the Navajo Pearl Double Loop Earrings.

There is a way to make the new trends of each season fit within your wardrobe and sense of style. Western equestrian, or super trendy – there is something for everyone. Whether you pick one trend or try them all, with all the stunning choices, your Springtime accessories and jewelry are going to be in full bloom everywhere you go!