Summer Horse Show Essentials for the Equestrian Fashionista

Summer Horse Show Essentials for the Equestrian Fashionista

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 11th Jul 2016

Equestrian style has walked the runways of some the the highest couture events around the world. There’s no place like a horse show to be amongst the most fashionable people who also manage to keep utility, while seemingly dressing for a day in Milan.

Caracol wants to be a part of your wardrobe for the summer show season and help you stay fashionable, while still being able to focus on your next ride.

Mira Italian Leather Backpack

As we travel to shows, year after year, we’ve seen how much the horse show world has grown. We no longer simply horse show; we shop, celebrate, eat, attend concerts and carnivals, fairs, and exhibition events. Because of this, we realize the importance of a bag you can walk or ride with, which is why we’re featuring our Mira Italian Leather Backpack this summer.

Horse Bit Necklace

Another trend that we’ve been seeing is more fashionable show attire. Today, you can wear your show clothes out and about without looking out of place. Follow the lead of some of the world’s top Grand Prix riders and add a little bit of bling for when you no longer need that top button on your show collar. Try our Horse Bit Necklace in sterling silver that is subtle and light but still stylish and a perfect size to take on the road with you as you show.

Summer Equestrian Bangles

Finally, you can wear these bangles one at a time, or stack them all together. We’ve picked these bangles because they’re small enough to wear under your gloves if you choose to wear them when you ride. They’re also all special in their own way, featuring intricate designs, specific styles, and unique twists. Throw these in your show bag and hit the road knowing that no matter what, you’ll be keeping up with the “Kardashians”.