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Wear Your Positivity

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She exhales as she sinks into the saddle. In the moment, she is still; her legs rest against the rise and fall of her horse's sides. As she picks up the reins, she finds a soft feel of her horse's mouth and completes their three-point contact by finding her seat: a gentle balance between seat bones and pelvis.

She has callouses on her hands from stalls mucked and water buckets carried. Pre-dawn alarm clocks and hours spent studying the lessons of more experienced riders are all things of her past that have brought her to her present. 

She encourages her horse to walk-on. Whether she will walk through the woods, into a dressage test, through the in-gate of a stadium, or through the starting box of a cross-country course, her future is yet to be determined. 

Right now, the breeze picks up and cools the droplets of sweat that have collected at the nape of her neck. She smiles and closes her leg to step into a trot. Her past is behind her, her future is unwritten, and her present is heaven on earth.

Included among our newest collection of bangles at Caracol Silver jewelry are two affirmation bangles. We love them because they remind us to be in the present, no matter where we are throughout our day. 

Affirmation Bangles

You can see these, along with some of our other jewelry pieces, handbags, and clothing at the California Mid-State Fair from July 19th - 30th.

*Read more about what the CA Mid-State Fair is all about in our blog article from last year's Paso Robles visit!

This year, the fair welcomes headliner artists including:

  • Zach Brown Band
  • Garth Brooks
  • Matchbox 20
  • Keith Urban
  • Lionel Richie
  • Hunter Hayes
  • and The Band Perry

You can also see a myriad of Horse Shows the include rodeo, western, and draft horse competitions alongside their annual Livestock Show

As art and food lovers, we're particularly excited about many of the Show Exhibits, including Agricultural Art, Flowers, Crafts/DIY, Photography, Olive Oil, and of course, Beer, Spirits, and Wine! There are also a number of new facets to the Mid-State Fair this year that make it an even greater event for the entire family. 

  • Petting Zoo
  • Pony Rides
  • Robotics for Kids
  • Talent Show
  • Turkey Stampede
  • Wine Awards
  • Strongest Man and Women Competition 
  • and a number of public contests that YOU can enter!


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