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  • 23rd Oct 2020

    5 Elements of Native American Jewelry

    There is a magnificent – some would say enchanting – history surrounding Native American Indian jewelry.Tribal jewelry making dates back to 8000 B.C. and has been passed down from generation to gene…

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  • Get Horse Glammed

    29th Sep 2020

    Get Horse Glammed

    Our customers come from all walks of life. That is one of the biggest reasons we love what we do and feel incredibly grateful for all the people we get to meet. Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet s…

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  • The Turquoise Truth

    21st Jul 2020

    The Turquoise Truth

    THE TURQUOISE TRUTHWe love using turquoise in our collection. It is bold, stunning, and versatile. Not all turquoise is created the same, so we wanted to share some history and facts about this beau…

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  • Conversations With Customers

    16th Apr 2020

    Conversations With Customers

    Conversations with Customers: An Interview with Gretchen Our customers are family. Whether we see you annually at a horseshow, communicate only through social media comments or you just make a few…

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