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How One Dressage Performance Teaches Invaluable Lessons

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It’s officially Fall; A season that brings change in the air and the surrounding scenery. In the past month, America has experienced unfathomable devastation and inexplicable violence. As a company with roots in Henderson, Nevada, just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, we feel the reverberations of recent events in a highly personal way.

As we looked around the Devon Horse Show last week and took in the views, we were continuously given reasons to smile, and to both celebrate and protect life.

Dressage rider, Jacqueline Brooks gave us exactly what we needed, reminding us to always move forward. Brooks competed in Freestyle Dressage but when her music began to play the sounds of Mozart and Bach were replaced by Disturbed’s variation on Simon & Garfunkel’s, Sound of Silence. Few riders have broken the mold of orchestral ensembles paired with their dressage performances. However, Brooks understood that change can be meaningful. Just as the Fall air cools to create a crisp, invigorating new atmosphere and the leaves change to reflect the colors of the season, so can the things we’ve always known change in a matter of moments.

Fittingly, Brooks chose the song by heavy metal band, Disturbed, in honor of her late father who she lost this past summer. Her performance represented all the things we needed in that moment; acceptance of change, the audacity to live despite the current state of things, and the humility to recognize that we are part of a much larger world and as such we are required to remember, honor, and always move forward.

We mourn the loss and suffering that we hear about every day, and we respond by doing what we can to make this world a better place. As a company comprised of people who have lived just south of Las Vegas our entire lives, we ask that you join us in our efforts to spread compassion, self-confidence, respect, exploration, and smiling faces across our country and throughout our world.

Our first step was taken during Dressage at Devon as we set out on our newfound personal mission to always find a reason to smile. 

We are continuing to help celebrate life and spread infectious smiles as Caracol heads down to Fort Worth, Texas for The Junior League's Christmas in Cowtown event! 

Christmas in Cowtown

Will you join us? 

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