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Menlo Brings The Fashion

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After wrapping up at the Menlo Charity Horse Show, we’ve finally had the chance to sit back and be amazed at how fashionable equestrian lovers can be. The show itself was incredible, from Kristin Hardin and Firestone S claiming the $40,000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix, to the fabulous tack room curtain displays, and the phenomenal individuals who attended.

We also loved being able to see our hats and accessories out and about in the crowd. If you follow Caracol Silver on Facebook, then you’ve seen these two before, but we have to hand it to them, they’ve got style!

This duo truly captures the versatility of a hat when it comes to fashion and style. (Left) Pairing a neutral hat with a dark colored shirt allows the brighter scarf to add a pop of color to the outfit without going overboard. It’s one of those styles that’s easy and looks great. (Right) Alternatively, you can go for an east-meets-west look and pair your hat with a crisp button-down shirt accented with a tasteful necklace combination to give it a nice feminine flare.

We were also able to feature more of our one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry pieces by Margaret Thurman. She has such an eye for bringing a piece of jewelry to life and creating a story you can wear around your neck.

This particular piece was inspired by the hand carved vintage horse. Margaret then added turquoise stones and green garnet, along with the mother of pearl leaves that make this such a spectacular work of art.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard Margaret’s name a lot, you may want to take another look at our Echo of the Dreamer Collection. Alongside her daughter, Myoshin, these two New York women create extraordinary pieces in celebration of nature and individuality.

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