Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 13th Jul 2021

Summers can be brutal when it comes to riding. I actually have taken the summer off from the barn for here in Alabama, to breathe is to sweat... But I've been wanting to go on a vacation now that we can in the USA and I miss being with the horses, so I did a little research on equestrian vacation spots and I think anyone of these will do. Want to travel along?

Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm

Even the name of this northeast travel destination sounds cooler. Located in the Mad River Valley in the Green Mountains, the farm nestled between Burlington and Rutland was established in 1988. No wonder it ranks as the top 10 great places to go horseback riding in the US. The Icelandic horse is one of the oldest breeds of horses and are so gentle and comfortable they make for the perfect riding around the mountains, forests and streams.

Treks or trail rides are offered. On the treks lunch is provided. Both meander through meadows, wildflowers and the beautiful fall foliage of Vermont. The Icelandic is a natural 5 gaited horse that is capable of not only walk, canter and trot but it also tölt, a four-beat running walk that creates a rhythmic, fluid forward movement. The tölt allows for a smooth, no bounce, no posting time over rough terrain.

This riding travel destination also has a beautiful lodge offering fabulous meals and a guest house chateau. I am dreaming of staying at this majestic facility. It accommodates all levels of riding, from beginners to pros and children over 10. And if you fall in love, don't worry, it's also a breeding farm for this beautiful beasts, so go ahead and take one home! 

Here's your link to Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm

Marriott Ranch

The Blue Ridge Mountains hold a very special place in my heart. Before we moved to Las Vegas, I tried to talk Paul into moving here. This ranch located only 50 miles west of Washington DC, is not only a horse riding destination nestled in horse riding country, but also an event planning mecca. Stay here and be privy to fabulous local wineries, good food and three wonderful and reasonable Bed and Breakfast choices.

In this Eastern mecca of fields, springs, forests and mountains, you get to ride Western. You have two choices in riding, one is a 90 minute trail ride with others or you can have a private ride anytime.

Virginia boasts of over 300 wineries, so when the going gets rough, head out on a wine tasting tour. Cool breeze, horse ride, good wine and sweet accommodations, this is a horse riding destination to love!

A great time to plan would be around the Upperville Horse Show, so you can get more horse loving fun in! 

Here's the link: The Marriott Ranch

Zapata Ranch

A working ranch, this horse riding destination allows you to ride amongst two thousand bison or in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Don't worry about the working part though, because everything is luxurious, from the accommodations to the gourmet meals. Guests who desire a working ranch experience are welcome alongside wranglers and ranch staff on various ranch projects.

Other activities abound too, such as nearby whitewater rafting, hiking, eco tours, fly fishing, rock climbing and my favorite: massage! They also conduct some really cool events like writing and horsemanship workshops.

Accommodations are in the ranch’s historic 17-bedroom Lodge, the original ranch homestead built in the 1800s.

Rooms are beautifully furnished with elegant southwestern decor, that include private tiled bathrooms, and views that are private, peaceful, and beautiful in any season.

Who's in? Email me anytime and I'll make the time!

Here's the link: Zapata Ranch

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