The California Mid-State Fair

Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 10th Jul 2018

We love this fair!  It has so many great reasons to make it a destination.  

The fair is located right in the middle of wine country.  Paso Robles has long been touted for it's grape growing, with the Pinot Noir being it's best.  

The coast is literally 10 miles west, and here you will find some of the best local grown oysters in the world!

Here you can see the famous rock it is named after.

And we haven't started on about the fair!  People make it a traditional annual pilgrimage every year in the last two  week of July to attend the fair with the best line up of music to be had all summer.  This year is no exception.

The free stage has the new up and coming bands, people like Keith Urban and Kid Rock have played on this stage in the past and every night has a cool line up.

The ticketed stage will host a variety of genres including Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, PitBull, Eric Church and Demi Lovato, Luke Bryan and ZZ Top.

There will be plenty of fair food, but if you are in the mood for organic exotic meats, or creamy hand made gelato, that will be there too.  My favorite is the Oregon homemade Boysenberry Pie with ice cream! 

And of course there are the rides.  Plenty of rides.  

And there's a rodeo too!  There are actually horse events every day from reining to equestrian jumping. 

Have we convinced you yet?  Well we did miss the best part.  WE  WILL HAVE OUR MOBILE BOOTH THERE!