Valentine's Day Gifts for the Equestrian Inspired

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Equestrian Inspired

Published by Elizabeth Greenberg on 1st Feb 2017

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers, it’s for friends too! No matter who you’re celebrating with, it’s always fun to bring a gift and even spice up your own wardrobe with something new.

Equestrian inspired jewelry is timeless. It has the ability to cross fashion boundaries and remind us of the beauty, power, and magnificence of the horse. 

1. Two-Toned Snaffle Bit Bracelet

2. Two-Toned Snaffle Bit Earrings

3. Snaffle Bit Necklace

4. Sterling Silver Equestrian Stirrup Bracelet

Equestrian Inspired style doesn't always have to come from the Hunt Clubs, Polo Fields, and English disciplines. Inspiration can also come from America's untamed, "Wild West", drawing from both Native American and Western Ranch cultures.

It's all in the detail, and you wear it! 

1. Horse Hoof Leather Cuff Bracelet

2. El Naipe Leather Bracelet - No. 3 Collection

3. Poncho with Faux Fur

4. Horse Hoof Choker Necklace

Continued inspiration led us to these beautiful pieces of leather and stone jewelry. Every stone has a meaning: Opal is known for it's powers of insight and illuminations and Turquoise has been cherished for centuries with the belief that it brought wisdom and protection. African recycled glass, coconut shells, and even bone are also used to create these earthy items. 

It's items like these that are perfect for women who value introspections and items that connect them to a greater world and deeper history. When searching for the perfect Valentine (or Galentine) gifts, it's sometimes best to find something that as a special meaning, and represents more than meets the eye. 

1. Steer Head Necklace

2. Casa Boheme Blonde Leather Necklace

3. Free Bird Blonde Necklace

(In Featured Image: Stirrup and Snaffle Bit Equestrian Lariat Necklace)