Why Go To The Devon Horse Show

16th May 2018

In my opinion, no matter what you ride or how you ride, The Devon Horse Show is one show you must make an effort to attend.  

Devon, PA is off the mainline near Philadelphia, PA.  What is the mainline?  It's the train track that runs West out of the city.  Once a way to escape the city, now a suburb to the city. 


The Devon Horse Show started in the 1800's as a horse sale or as a horse bragging contest.  Farmers would breed their best horses and bring them to the Devon Horse Show  to sell.  Eventually it became a family destination, giving families a reprieve from the farm and a chance to have a little  fun.  

Today, The Devon Horse Show runs for 10 days, starting the Thursday before Memorial Day.  The "Horseshow" has lead line, carriage competitions, high stake jumping, junior jumping, Shetland pony races, and Saddlebred competitions.  

The country fair has Lady's Hat Day, strolling banjo players, dog contests, barn tours, tea sandwiches, carnival food and FABULOUS shopping.  All benefiting the Bryn Mawr hospital.  

If you haven't been yet, you put it on your travel list.