What are CARACOL REWARDS? CARACOL REWARDS is our way of showing appreciation to our great customers by giving back 10% of your purchases to you as Store Credit that may be used on your next order.  It’s completely free and you are automatically enrolled when you sign in or create an account with CARACOL. (Retail Only) Customers who checkout as a guest and do not create an account during checkout will not earn CARACOL REWARDS on their purchases. But if you checked out as a guest and would like to start earning CARACOL REWARDS, send us an email and we will enroll you and you'll get the REWARDS from your order.

How do the CARACOL REWARDS work? Customers will earn rewards on every purchase they make. For every dollar you spend you will earn 10% of your purchase in rewards dollars that you can use for future on-line purchases. Shipping & tax are not included in the rewards earned from purchases. 

How many CARACOL REWARDS do I need to earn a cash credit? There is no minimum requirement or threshold.

How can I see my CARACOL REWARDS balance? You can see your spendable rewards balance (shown as Store Credit) at any time by logging in to your account through CARACOL. They will show at the top of the web page.

When can I use my pending rewards? Your earned rewards are issued as store credit (visible during checkout) or you can check your rewards balance by logging in to your account.

Do CARACOL REWARDS ever expire? Yes. They do expire at the end of every calendar year, so don't let them go to waste.

Do I get to keep my CARACOL REWARDS if I return my order? We really wish you could, but sadly we will deduct CARACOL REWARDS for any returned items.

What will happen to my CARACOL REWARDS if I make an exchange? Your rewards difference will be added or subtracted from your account balance, depending on the exchange.

Is there anything I can do to earn more CARACOL REWARDS? Yes! We will occasionally have Double CARACOL REWARDS events or specials. As a valued member you will be notified of these special events before the general public.

Have you shopped with us at a show lately? Want to earn CARACOL REWARDS for your purchases? We can now give you CARACOL REWARDS for your purchases made at a show, as well as on line.

How to set it up?  Create your account here. Then send us an email at  Please tell us at which show you made your purchase and give us your receipt number with total amount purchased (we can look up your receipt if you don't have it handy).  We will add your CARACOL REWARDS to your account.  You will receive 10% of your purchase in CARACOL REWARDS.

*** NEW. Once you have logged in to your account, your CARACOL REWARDS balance will show as STORE CREDIT in the header or top of the web page, so you always know your balance.