Charity Fundraising


If you are looking for a fun and profitable, No Risk Solution to your organizations' fundraising needs, Caracol has a proven track record of raising funds for non-profits across the country. We make it easy to raise money by offering a wide selection of jewelry, handbags and accessories. No upfront costs to you. We bring it all to you. Product, Attractive Display and Trained and Professional Sales and Support Staff.


What you earn:

  • We offer 20 percent of all sales as your profit earned

What we provide:

  • Stunning Collection Of Jewelry, Handbags And Accessories That Is Sure To Appeal To Everyone
  • A NO RISK Solution For Your Organization To Raise Funds
  • Trained Professional Staff Eager To Help You Meet Your Fundraising Goals
  • An Award Winning Display
  • Templates for email advertising.
  • Posters


  • An ideal location in your establishment, with an area large enough for our display and great foot traffic
  • Advertisement of the sale. Let your friends and business acquaintances know about your efforts and your cause.



Home Party

What we provide:

  • Professional trained staff
  • Set up and templates for printing invitations or sending out emails.

What you need:

  • A cleared area for setting up
  • A minimum of 10 people.

What you earn:

  • Sales up to $1,000 you receive 15 percent of sales to go towards merchandise with 15 percent off sale price.
  • Sales from $1,000 -$2,000 you receive 20 percent of sales to go towards merchandise and 20 percent off sale price.
  • Sales over $2,000 you receive 25 percent of sales in merchandise and 20 percent off sale price or 20% profit
  • You receive $50 in merchandise for every person who books a party at your party.


      Send us an email and we will start the process moving!

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