Hook Loop Bangle | Equus Bangle | H Chain Bracelet | Set

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As the name, implies the top shown bangle in this stack features a Hook that fastens to a Loop that brings this Sterling Silver bangle full circle. Definitely not a Plain Jane and stands on its' own quite nicely. Available in 3 sizes

Next in the conversation is our own Sterling Silver Equus Bangle. We call it the perfect bracelet because it sits close to the wrist, it can be worn for all sorts of everyday activities, including riding and barn chores. Also available in 3 sizes.

The crowning piece in this stack is the H Chain Bracelet which features an Interlocking Clasp to make it the most secure clasp that you have seen. 

  • 7.5" Long (Fits 6.25" -7" Wrist best)
  • 3/8" Width


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