Jewelry Care

How to clean my sterling silver jewelry? 

A polishing cloth made for cleaning sterling silver is the best way to clean your jewelry.  We sell the Sunshine Cloths for $5 ea.  Sunshine Cloths have been rated the best for removing tarnish without scratching.  The cloths have a rouge on them and cannot be washed to be effective.

Also washing your jewelry with a mild soap and warm water will bring back the shine too.  This method is good to rid the jewelry of oil, dirt, perfume, and sweat that can accumulate with wear.  Dry your jewelry thoughly after rinsing.

We do NOT recommend any liquid dips.  It is very easy to overuse these chemicals which can take all the accented tarnish off as well as a layer of silver.  Over process in the dip will make your jewelry dull and discolored. If you have used a dip and had this happen, you will need to find a jeweler to rebuff your piece.

How to store your sterling silver jewelry?

Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.  The bag provided with every purchase will slow tarnishing and prevent scratching by other pieces in your jewelry box.   The small black tab is an anti-tarnish tab that when kept in the bag and the bag is sealed properly will maintain your sterling silver jewelry shine for a long time.