Proper Hat Care and Cleaning


Many of our hat styles feature a downward-sloped brim that adds to the iconic style and in order to not lose this distinctive trait, it is important to store your hat suspended rather than lying on the brim for any great length of time. This can be done on a hat cone, can of coffee, or roll of paper towels. 

How can I clean my hat?

Using very high grain sandpaper, you can gently sand away dirt and debris, as long as you are careful of the threads keeping the hat together. A suede bar may also be used, to remove oils and blemishes without the use of water.

Finished Leather
Cleaning these hats is easy and simple. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe away any blemishes and you’re done! For a more extensive cleaning, saddle soap or boot cream works wonders. 

How should I clean my Soaker? 

Our Soaker style hats are made of Nylon and Polyester. A mild detergent, such as dishwashing soap can be used to clean the hat, and a brush can be used to eliminate stubborn spots. For best results, air dry the hat out of the sun and suspend on something such as a hat cone, coffee can, or paper towel roll. 

How should I clean/maintain my Sweat Patches? 

Many of our hats feature a removable sweat liner that uses Velcro to adhere to the hat. To avoid sweat stains from appearing on your hat, when the liner becomes soaked, remove it and hand wash it with a mild detergent, then leave it out to air dry. When it is dry, it can simply be re-adhered to the hat via the Velcro buttons on the inside of the hat. 

Can I pack my hat in a suitcase? If so, how? 

Our Crusher style hats are durable enough to be folded in just about any shape and packed away in a backpack. Our sun hats, such as the Breeze and Soaker are also considered crushable. Simply fold the hats “taco” style by pushing down on the top of the hat and folding up on the brim. For best results place rolled up socks on the inside of the hat for added support. It is important to note that your hat may not return exactly to its perfect shape, and may look slightly distressed or broken in. 

How can I clean/take care of my felt hat? 

To remove loose dirt, simply use a hat brush to swipe it away. If at all possible, avoid using a brush made of nylon as it may be too abrasive and may damage the hat. For best results use a brush with bristles similar in color to your hat to guarantee none of the colors interfere with each other, and use small counter clockwise motions. To prolong your hat’s life, regular brushing is important. To remove dust from the hat, simply use a damp (not wet) cloth. To remove fuzz and hair, use a piece of sticky tape to gently wipe the hat. For more stubborn smudges and stains, specially formulated hat cleaners are available. 

How can I clean/take care of my straw hat? 

Our straw hats can be cared for the same as our other hats, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.