Three Day Eventing at the Kentucky Horse Park

Three Day Eventing at the Kentucky Horse Park

Published by Elizabeth Lowery on 10th Apr 2018

Why has three day eventing never taken off like it has in Europe?  It baffles me.  All the English riding disciplines in one place during one weekend, is the ultimate in fun and The Land Rover Three Day Event is no exception. 

I think what I like best is that you can roam the pastures, soaking in the rain, feeling like you are in Sunny Ole England.  Yes, it always rains.

On the first two days is Dressage and show jumping.  On the last days is what many considering the most fun, cross country.  If you don't know a lot about dressage, this article will explain a lot!  

In addition, this year the Land Rover Three Day Event with The Split Rock Jumping Tour will be hosting a $225,000 Invitational Grand Prix.  With riders such as Jessica Springsteen, Sarah Segal, and Kent Farrington, this is going to be such an exciting event.

This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the Kentucky Three Day Event.  In addition to all the English riding events there are the demonstrations and exhibits.  One of my favorite will the Pas de deux and the Fleur De Lis vaulters.  

So grab your raincoats and join us in the Horse Capitol of the World, after all even Queen Elizabeth got one or two of her horses here.  

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