Trusted Since 1997

Yes it is hard to believe that Caracol Inspired Jewelry and Handbags has been around since 1997. What started as an adventure in travel, has become a full time passion. We have and always will make sure that your experience with us will be truly remarkable. If you are not happy and satisfied, then we are not happy and we will do what it takes to make you happy. If you are already a member of our family, thank you. If you are a new visitor, welcome. Here are just a few of the notes that we receive from people that have trusted Caracol. 

Hi, I received my rings today! They are so cute and I'm very happy. The presentation was great, as I ordered two rings on sale, not a huge purchase, and I received a handwritten Thank You note. Thank You, this was a nice pick me up as we're still not able to really go anywhere here, right now. I'm appreciative. Have a nice August and Stay Safe! Joy.

 Thank you. You have a loyal customer for life! Susan. 

 Ok, we had the brown one last time but I’ll take the black, that will look nice as well.  Thank you for reaching out to me - great customer service.  I appreciate you. Tammi. 

Got my hat. It’s great! Thanks for checking. Dan 

I just received the bracelet.  It’s beautiful!  Thank you for such great customer service. Nancy 

I Love my jewelry that I purchased from you at Ky. The 3 braided leather-silver bracelets.

Good morning. I have been meaning to send you a note. Thank you Soooooo much!!! I haven't taken the ring off-I Love it!!! Lynn

Thank you for your wonderful service! Ashley

I LOVE my bracelet I purchased & have found many more items to put on my wish list.

Thank you- Christy 

Gave the necklace to Carol for our anniversary Thursday night.  BIG HIT!!  She loved it!!!  Perfect! Thanks so much for the effort and making me look good!!!  I need all the help I can get!!!!
Thanks again!!

Yes! ... absolutely love it!
Thanks so much for your wonderful service.
Mary Kate 
Got it.  Wearing it.. love it. Carrie 

I received the bracelet & love it! 
Thanks, Dede 
My brother ordered me a silver snaffle bit bracelet from you back in April.
I love it!
Sorry it has taken me so long to tell you how much I like it.
Just a note to say  I received the necklace and it is lovely!  I also appreciate the personal attention you give, and the handwritten note!  Happy New Year and may God bless you and yours!
- Kelly